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Most fun way for skill development

The SLIDE will not only bring real and enthusiastic joy to the daily life of your little climber, but will also be a great assistant in developing balance, coordination and self-confidence. The slide can be connected to any of the combinations of the Klingo constructor, safely securing it with a specially made locking system.

For more than one purpose

The SLIDE will also be a great companion when creating your own unique and imaginative combinations. Use it as a counter when putting together a fun little store, attach it as a trailer to Klingo tractor or use it as a bridge across that scary shark-filled river!

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The Klingo constructor has been developed and tested in accordance with the established European safety standards (EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018, EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014, EN 71-3:2019, EN 71-8:2018) and complies with EC Directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys in order to guarantee reliable and safe use of the product. Klingo shall not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from (or which may result from) improper or incorrect assembly and / or use of the constructor if the provisions of the operating instructions are disregarded or the constructor is not used for its intended purpose.

3+ years

Before giving the toy to your child, remove and dispose of all packaging materials that are not part of the toy and keep these out of reach of children. Regularly check the toy for signs of wear and tear and damage. Should any part be damaged, do not use the toy and keep it out of reach of children. Adult supervision is mandatory at all times! Adults are obliged to check the attachments of the Klingo constructor before using the constructor, otherwise the constructor may cause falls or overturning.